HACo tool

The HALIOS® application development system called HACo is a graphical environment software to configure the Elmos HALIOS® IC for hardware, optical and software evaluation. After setup you have the possibility to communicate with the device using a Windows PC via USB. All received sensor data can be analyzed in a kind of oscilloscope view called loop view. You can use the configuration dialog to completely configure the sensor IC. It is even possible to read and write any data from and to the device by using the memory access dialog.

The features of the HACo tool are:
 + Simple installation, just extract the zipfile and copy the extracted folder to a location you want
 + Can be run from readonly network folders
 + Loading and storing projects
 + Graphical view of sensor data
 + Sensor configuration
 + Sensor memory access in read or write mode
 + Flash modified sensor data permanently in the device
 + Restore sensor data to factory Settings
 + Datalogger for sensor data

------------------------------- HACo v5.2 now available -------------------------------

HACo v5.2 now supports the next generation of HALIOS sensor ICs including E909.21, E527.04A, E909.06, E909.11 and the E909.10B.

If you update to HACo v5.1 from a version prior to v5.0 then, you also need to update the USB library version 5.x on the device. We also recommend to use the updated application notes (further down on this page). In case you are using the COM-board provided by Mechaless and get the message “Incompatible controller software detected!” you need to update the COM-board, too.

If you still get an error message about “Incompatible controller software detected!” then please check the firmware version of your embedded device:
Mechaless USB protocol version v01  ⇒  HACo 4.x ⇒ USB library 4.x
Mechaless USB protocol version v02  ⇒  HACo 5.x ⇒ USB library 5.x

The HACo tool is dated but still available in version 4.2 which supports the HALIOS® IC E909.05 and E909.06.

Gesture Debugger

The gesture debugger for HALIOS® applications is a powerful tool for visualizing the detected gestures in the underlying sensor application. The gesture debugger requires the HALIOS@ gesture library implemented in the embedded device.

The tool can be downloaded as an executable or as a template for a C# application where you can build your own Windows software using the gesture detection which is implemented in the HALIOS® sensor application.

--------------------- Gesture Debugger version 5.1 now available ---------------------

Gesture debugger version 1.9.1 only works with USB library 4.x which uses the Mechaless firmware protocol v01. This Version 1.9.1 is dated and not supported anymore.

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