HALIOS® Gesture

Elmos patented HALIOS® principle (High Ambient Light Independent Optical System) enables touchless control by detecting gestures and proximity. Simply swiping and sliding through menus leads to more intuitive HMI. The function principle is based on comparing the light beam, which is reflected by the object to be detected with a reference light beam for most robust object detection. As a result, the device offers best immunity against ambient light, improved sensitivity and automatic calibration over vehicle lifetime.



  • Control of infotainment system
  • Simple gesture recognition
  • Gestures in interior


  • High light immunity
  • Best cost/low latency

HALIOS® One Spot Sensor

  • Application: Touchless control with Gesture Sensor Interface ICs
  • Challenge: High recognition rate - even through distraction by ambient light, temperature, aging
  • Elmos Expertise in Optical Sensor Interface ICs

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HALIOS® Sensor Bar

  • Application: Touchless control on screens
  • Challenge: Gesture control on screen under real conditions (under high ambient light, temperature and aging)
  • Elmos Expertise in Optical gesture ICs

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Hygiene first: Touchless control thanks to optical sensors.

ELEKTRONIK PRAXIS - German article: https://lnkd.in/eFcc__w


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