Transforming user experience: simple & robust

  • Pioneering in automotive gesture control with more than 50m ICs in the field
  • Proximity and swipes
  • Object detection
  • Touchless door/trunk access

Enabling innovative sensing: reliable & eco-friendly

  • Presence & motion detection
  • Rain & light sensing
  • Smoke detection

Infrared Sensor System - Measuring up to 30 cm


  • Control of Infotainment system
  • Simple Gesture recognition
  • Gestures in interior


  • High light immunity
  • Best cost/low latency

Explore the Infrared Sensor System HALIOS >>

3D ToF Imager - Measuring up to 10 m


  • 3D object recognition
  • Gestures in interior & exterior
  • Cliff detection


  • Low power consumption
  • High resolution with few pixel

Explore the 3D ToF Imager >>

LiDAR - Measuring up to and over 100 m


  • Autonomous Emergency Brake (AEB)
  • Pedestrian detection Cross
  • Traffic Alert (CTA)


  • High ambient light rejection
  • Embedded and compact solution

Explore the LiDAR (SiPM & SPAD) >>

RLT (Rain|Light|Tunnel) Sensor System


  • wiper control according to rain intensity
  • control of the automatic vehicle lighting
  • measuring of the solar load in vehicle
  • control of the Head-up-Display illumination


  • High light immunity
  • Independent weather conditions (differentiation rain, ice and snow)
  • Low latency
  • Best function to cost ratio

Explore the RLT (Rain|Light|Tunnel) Sensor System >>


Hygiene first: Touchless control thanks to optical sensors.

Public terminals using Elmos patented HALIOS® principle (High Ambient Light Independent Optical System) enable touchless control by detecting gestures and proximity. Simply swiping and sliding through menus leads to more intuitive HMI and by the way – hygienic benefits in terms of COVID19 precautions.
Read more about our super robust technology in the recent article at ELEKTRONIK PRAXIS - German article:


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