Use Case


High performance 4 channel laserdriver for LiDAR systems


Driving multiple channels with high peak power at short pulse width for compact and efficient high accuracy systems

Expertise in Optical Sensor Interface ICs


  • Fully integrated multichip die-stack
  • 1 ns pulse width @ 50A peak current
  • Each channel individually addressable


  • Automotive qualified (AEC-Q100)
  • Functional safety ready product
  • Integrated diagnostics
  • Monitoring of average output power to ensure eye-safety operation
  • CSA with external/ internal photo diode for monitoring


  • Usable with a variety of standard edge-emitting diodes (EELs) and vertical-cavity surface-emitting diodes (VCSELs)
  • Scalable 1-to-n-channel chiplet architecture supports majority of LiDAR applications

Our Solution

About – Elmos Laser Driver

Elmos Laser Driver is a scalable multi-channel laser-driver generating short high intensity pulses for direct time-of-flight measurements. Using a die stacking approach to minimize module size and  parasitic inductance, peak currents of up to 50A are applied to the laser-diodes within a 1ns pulse.

Advantages / USPs

  • Chip-stack-on-board design
  • Optimized for short pulses at high currents
  • Integrated diagnostics
  • Functional safety ready product
  • Automotive qualified
  • Cost-effective standard CMOS process

Comparison of E527.50 vs. competitor’s approach

Elmos: High speed solid state laser driver module

Competitor: Discrete Laser Driver Module

+ Monolithic multi-channel laser driver solution
+ Unparalleled performance: 1 ns pulse width @50A peak, 100ps @~10A feasible for medical imaging applications
+ Lowest inductance stack-up multi-channel driver
+ Included diagnostics for eye safety and functional safety
+ Optimized BOM list
+ Compact size
+ Scalability in low pitch

– Limited number of channels due to inductive wiring
– Challenging PCB layout to avoid wiring inductance
– Extensive BOM list



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