Use Case


High depth resolution SPAD Imager for short- and mid-range flash LiDAR systems


Fast and reliable 3D measurements at high ambient light

Expertise in Optical Sensor Interface ICs


  • Distance measurement based on direct time-of-flight measurement
  • 256 x 80px max. resolution
  • High depth resolution: 3 mm through interpolation
  • Integrated data processing with point-cloud interface


  • Automotive qualified (AEC-Q100)
  • Developed as functional safety product
  • Highly robust against ambient light


  • Supports various addressing modes, e.g. row-by-row rolling shutter, e-scanning or line-sensor-mode
  • Additional Raw-data access for sensor fusion and advanced environment analysis (e.g. fog and rain)
  • Algorithms individually programmable
  • Compatible with broad selection of light sources (EEL, VCSEL, LED)

Our Solution

About – Elmos SPAD Imager

The Elmos SPAD imager for short- to mid-range LiDAR applications offers high immunity from ambient light. The integration of TDCs, histogramming and processing provides a high frame rate at attractive cost and easy integration.

Advantages / USPs

  • Reliable sensitivity in all scenarios with high-bandwidth SPAD-readout
  • Massive parallel data acquisition for high frame-rate
  • Datapath fully integrated: SPAD, TDC, memory and processing
  • High ambient light immunity through short TDC dead-time and high capacity memory
  • Programmable algorithm to meet individual requirements without expensive external controllers/FPGAs
  • Simple Integration with fully integrated measurement-timing controller
  • Low cost approach

Comparison of SPAD Imager vs. competitor’s approach

Elmos: Simple imager without readout electronics

Competitor: Absolute Measurement

+ On-chip histogramming
+ Extended Point Cloud Output with ambient light information
+ High ambient light immunity

+ High number of pixels
– External TDC needed
– No histogramming or processing on-chip
– Ambient light immunity not directly integrated



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